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5 Ways to Go Green in Dust Collection | Aerodyne

Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 29, 2022 3:00:00 PM

  1. Use pulse-on-demand controller for baghouse and cartridge collectors

    Pulse-on-demand controllers allow you to clean your filter less often. Less pulses helps you save compressed air and reduces wear and tear on the filters. Cutting down on compressed air means less electricity is required in the compressors and less wear and tear on the filter means they last longer.
  2. Install a cyclone pre-filter

    A cyclone pre-filter will help remove dust before it gets to your filters. This means that the dust loading on the filters will decrease, which helps extend their life by requiring less cleaning and plugging them up less. The cyclone can also allow you to recycle the material without contamination and possibly increase the total removal efficiency of the system.
  3. Monitor airflow in the dust collection system

    Dust collection systems are designed to capture dust and they should be operating at design specifications. By monitoring the airflow, you are confirming that the unit is operating correctly. If the airflow is off from its design condition, then you will not be capturing the material that it was designed to capture. Measuring the airflow is similar to measuring the temperature in an oven. Without measuring it, you won’t know if you are at the correct performance and the end result may be off.
  4. Install Aerodyne Vacu-Valve (if appropriate)

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Clean on Demand Controller | Aerodyne

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 28, 2019 10:22:11 AM

Simple Timers

For many years, pulse-jet baghouses were cleaned by simple timers.  The timers would start the cleaning cycle every so many minutes.  You would be able to change how often your filters are cleaned by changing the time between each cleaning.  This design makes sure that the filters are cleaned regularly, whether they need to be cleaned or not.  The main issue with this is that every time a filter is cleaned, it increases the chances of it failing.  Filters are cleaned by pulsing high pressure air into the filter.  This expands the filter, which causes the top layers of dust to fall off.  But that expansion can also cause holes or rips in the filters.

Pulse-On-Demand Controller

So it would be beneficial to minimize the cleaning of the filters to only when it’s needed.  The pulse-on-demand controller does just this.  It measures the pressure drop across the filters.  When the pressure drop gets over a certain amount, it will begin the cleaning process.  Many of these controllers also have “bag break” technology, which will tell you when one of the filters has a hole.  You will then be able to replace the filters only when they are needed.  Some controllers can even isolate the row where the broken bag is located, so you won’t have to replace all the filters.

Installing a Clean-on-Demand controller, “bag break” technology, and cyclone pre-filters (Check out other Aerodyne blogs for more info) can help you decrease the maintenance on your filters, extend filter life, and lower operating costs (less air usage).


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