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Washdown Pneumatic Knife Gate Saves Food Company Dough

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 30, 2016 12:00:00 PM


Aerodyne (www.aerodyneus.com) now offers its pneumatic knife gate in a washdown design for flow control.  All parts are stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion after washdown cleaning.  The washdown design has a cast aluminum body and stainless steel knife, support bracket, cover, pneumatic cylinder shaft and hardware, preventing corrosion after washdown cleaning. All these factors mean the StopTight Knife Gate can better handle streams of tough materials and solve more complex problems.

The design has proven effective and economical for companies already. For example, a US company that specializes in producing dough in the food industry needed a valve that would allow them to have control of the flow of ingredients into the tank. The valve needed to be made up of stainless steel and aluminum due to the difficult conditions of the tank. Looking for suggestions, the company contacted Aerodyne.

Aerodyne suggested the facility use the StopTight Knife Gate Valve in a washdown design as a flow control valve. The StopTight Knife Gate Valve can be used either in the line of flow or at the point of discharge. Using a linear motion, a blade advances until the passage is closed or it withdraws until the passage is open. In the closed position, the knife gate valve is designed to seal tightly. Aerodyne’s washdown pneumatic knife gate design effectively regulated the introduction of contents into the mixing tanks while adhering to food-grade specifications, helping the company to create dough and earn more dough.

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