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Vacu-Valve on a 30-day trial? Are you kidding? Try it NOW…

Posted by Tom Hobson on Dec 21, 2016 10:33:30 AM


The Vacu-Valve is a low cost alternative to a rotary valve.  There are no motors, pneumatics, or moving parts as it operates by using the system vacuum above to seal the sleeve.  This is typically from a cyclone, baghouse, or cartridge collector.  Since the sleeve is split, gravity will slowly pull the solids down through the sleeve until they exit the sleeve and fall into the collection hopper.  As you can see from the description, not all solids will easily pass through this.  The ideal particulate would be sand.  It’s small, spherical shape and the density allows it to easily pass through the valve.  It doesn’t bridge easily.

The main things to remember when looking at a Vacu-ValveSlide1-1.jpg

  • Vacuum above must be: 0” W.C. < P <- 16” W.C.
  • The dust must be fine and free flowing (can’t be large, irregular shaped, or sticky)
  • The dust cannot bridge
  • The dust cannot be a light material
  • The Vacu-Valve is not an explosion isolator

The valve operation is dependent on the strength of the vacuum above and the particle physical properties.  So while a Vacu-Valve might work extremely well with a dust at -3” W.C. it might have a very slow flow rate at -15” W.C.              


Since the Vacu-Valve operation can sometimes be hard to predict with certain materials, Aerodyne offers our Vacu-Valve on a 30-day trial.  With credit approval you can purchase the Vacu-Valve and have 30-days to try it.  If the results aren’t satisfactory, then you can return it.  All you have to pay for the sleeve and freight.

For pricing and additional information, please visit http://www.dustcollectorhq.com contact Aerodyne @440-543-7400, toll free @800-358-7546, or email dc@dustcollectorhq.com


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