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The GPC Dust Collector Can Save A Lot of Space

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 25, 2016 1:50:00 PM

Space is an ever-present factor in the design of a ventilation system. Ductwork takes up space, dust collectors often must be placed outside under NFPA regulations, and said collectors often require a skid. Aerodyne’s GPC cyclone offers a viable alternative to space-hogging equipment in many applications.


The GPC cyclone’s compact design allows it to fit in areas half to a third the size of traditional cyclones (see attachment).  The compact design often allows for placement inside the building (NFPA-654 (2)*). Companies operating clean rooms, mines, vehicles and portable systems all derive benefits from the compact design.  The design also provides the option for installation in a smaller area, replacing ductwork (90° elbows) and use as a pre-filter for existing cartridge collectors, baghouses, and electrostatic precipitators.  From these factors, the GPC can be incorporated into systems in novel ways, such as placing it above a conveyor belt, dropping particulate back on the conveyor.


Aerodyne’s GPC can also be used without an equipment skid. Companies used to traditional cyclones may not consider adding a pre-filter or cyclone dust collector to their skid or unit because of space considerations. GPC cyclones can easily mount on top of a dryer, behind a crusher, or on the inlet of a cartridge collector and, unlike traditional cyclones, don’t require a skid.   Additionally, a GPC can easily fit on an ocean/lake vessel.  Traditional cyclones require multiple levels of the vessel’s decks, while a GPC can be installed on one deck.  This greatly increases the practicality, serviceability, functionality, or feasibility of using a cyclone.


With these savings in space, facilities can operate more efficiently and avoid floor space issues. For more information on the GPC, click on the link below or contact Aerodyne at dc@dustcollectorhq.com or by phone at (440) 543-7400 ext. 124.


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