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The Flexibility and Function of the SplitStream Industrial Dust Collector

Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 5, 2013 6:46:07 AM

One of the many advantages of the SplitStream™ Industrial Dust Collector is that it can be configured in both vertical and horizontal designs. With a wide range of sizes and installation options, the “S” Collector is a perfect fit for nearly any plant space layout. The versatility of this industrial counter-cyclonic dust collector means lower installation costs and lower maintenance. Additionally, both configurations are available in three different designs. The Dirty Air Secondary design (Type 1 in chart) takes two dust laden airstreams and produces one clean airstream. The Clean Secondary design (Type 2 in chart) uses a clean airstream to clean the dirty airstream. It can be used to heat or cool air and/or dilute airstreams. The Recycle Secondary design (Type 3 in chart) takes a portion of the outlet airstream and uses it for the secondary airstream. This design receives the highest dust removal efficiency. With three methods of air handling available, the Aerodyne SplitStream Dust Collector provides maximum flexibility while maintaining a high level of efficiency. Heating, cooling or drying can be accomplished at the same time that dust particles are removed from the air, and collection efficiency remains constant even at high temperatures. With zero abrasion problems and no moving parts, the SplitStream Industrial Dust Collector is the solution to your plant’s processing system! To watch an animated demo and see the SplitStream Industrial Dust Collector in action, Click Here! For further literature on the SplitStream Industrial Dust Collector, click the photo below!

Industrial Dust Collector Configurations

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