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StopTight Knife Gate Valve Brings Control to Fertilizer Plant

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jan 16, 2014 5:22:31 AM

A fertilizer distributer in CO was trying to find an easier and cleaner way to move and bag the product at its facility. After searching for a solution, the company found Aerodyne’s section of industrial dust collection valves on their website. The company contacted an Aerodyne sales person and discussed the problem they were having. After sorting out what the company was trying to accomplish, the Aerodyne salesman recommended using a manual StopTight™ Knife Gate Valve in the application. The knife gate will help control the fertilizer that leaves the hopper as it fills the bags.

Knife Gate

A knife gate valve is used to control flow in a bulk-material handling system, either in the line of flow or at the point of discharge. Using a linear motion, a blade advances until the passage is closed, or it withdraws until the passage is open. In the closed position, the knife gate valve is designed to seat tightly and prevent the loss of positive or negative pressure of the system. Aerodyne has a large selection of Knife Gate Valves which can be used to handle a variety of materials and operating conditions. From manual valves to pneumatic valves for dust control, Aerodyne has a knife gate for almost any application.

Since using Aerodyne’s StopTight Knife Gate Valve as part of its bagging process, the company has seen dramatic improvements in the operation. With the ability to control the flow of the fertilizer from the hopper, they have less of a mess to clean up and no longer have a loss of product. The company’s operation is now more efficient and easier for plant workers.

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