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Rotary Valves Prove to be Problematic for Roofing Manufacturer

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jun 17, 2014 4:49:30 AM

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A roofing manufacturer in MN was experiencing issues with its rotary valves. The facility uses an envelope dust collector and rotary valves in its abrasive rock dust application. The rotary valves were wearing out too quickly and the company constantly had to take down time to either repair or replace the valves. This down time was causing a loss in production and a lot of frustration for the plant operators. Look for a solution to the rotary valves woes, the plant manager reached out to Aerodyne Environmental.

After visiting the site and getting a better understanding of the nature of the dust in this application, an Aerodyne salesman suggested the company use a double dump valve in this abrasive process. Aerodyne’s GatorGate Double Dump valve feeds and moves chunky or fibrous material that would jam ordinary rotary valves and is durable enough to move abrasive material. The GatorGate valve uses tandem gates to maintain proper pressure above and below the valve and has a reinforced closure mechanism to prevent air seepage. This double flap valve can be configured to operate using air or electricity and requires little maintenance.

The company purchased 8” double dump valves with proximity switches to replace all of its rotary valves on site. Now with the faulty valves out of the way, the facility can focus on production rather than maintenance issues.

For more information on how one of Aerodyne’s valves can solve your rotary valve issues, click the photo below!

Double Dump

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