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Dust Collection Systems: Product Recovery and Cyclone Pre-filters

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 25, 2017 1:50:57 PM

IMG_1540.jpgIf you are working with a high value material or product, then you should investigate using a cyclone ahead of your baghouse or cartridge collector.  The cyclone will allow you to recover the dust without contamination from the filters.  The filters in a baghouse or cartridge collector use a dust layer built up on the filters to collect the dust from the airstream.  During the process of filter cleaning, dust from this layer is dislodged and falls into the hopper.  Any particulate from prior batches can cause contamination of the dust.

Learn More About Using a Cyclone as a   Pre-Filter for Your Baghouse

A cyclone, on the other hand, collects the dust and deposits it in the hopper continuously.  There is very little dust buildup inside of a cyclone.  This minimizes the chances of contamination from prior batches.  Since there aren’t any filters, a cyclone can be washed or wiped out to remove the prior batch particles.

One area where this could be very helpful is pigment collection.  A baghouse or cartridge collector filter will collect the pigment and contaminate the color.  This requires the filters to be changed every time a new color is produced.  So the system will require a filter set for every different color produced.  Conversely, the cyclone can be washed out or wiped down between colors.  This saves in both maintenance time and spare parts costs.






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