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Knife Gate Valves for the Auto-Industry

Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 2, 2015 1:41:30 PM

A company that manufactures specialty chemicals for the automotive industry needs a way to control the flow of the carbon black dust to its dust collector and box which has a bag collecting dust. The company in the past have used and saw firsthand the effectiveness of Aerodyne’s dust collection products and decided to go back to Aerodyne to solve this problem.

StopTight Knife Gate Valve

Dan, understanding that the company had used a manual StopTight Knife Gate Valve in the past and was happy with the results, looked at the needs of the company and suggested that they use a 12” pneumatic Knife Gate valve with a position switch. The Knife Gate is an ideal solution to the company’s problems due to the fact that this product provides an effect way to control the flow of a variety of materials in differing operating condition either at the line of flow or the point of discharge. Furthermore, the Knife Gate sits tightly on a material handling systems which prevents loss of positive or negative pressure in the system, making it an ideal way to control discharge.


Aerodyne has a large selection of Knife Gate Valves which can be used to handle a variety of materials and operating conditions. From manual valves to pneumatic valves for dust control, Aerodyne has a knife gate for almost any application.A variety of sizes are available. Aerodyne has knife gate valves for open hopper discharge or in-line use with some capable of closing through a static column of material.

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