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Industrial Dust Collector Helps Filter Out Wood and Bugs

Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 24, 2013 10:44:41 AM

Sometimes, finding the exact industrial dust collector for a particular project can be more challenging than the manufacturing process itself. A US engineering facility that specializes in providing heating systems was contracted for a project for a company in Canada. The Canadian company ships processed wood worldwide. During the process, hot air is blown across shredded wood chips at around 200°F to kill any bugs. The wood is then shipped around to various sites worldwide and is mixed with coal to reduce emissions in power plants. The engineering facility needed a way to filter the wood chips out of the air before it was vented out of the building. After finding Aerodyne’s site, the company reached out with questions about our industrial dust collectors. After further inquiry about the facility set up and the process of prepping the wood, it was decided that the GPC dust collector would be an ideal fit for this particular facility and manufacturing process. With 5 GPC-84s (running at 20,000 CFM each), the engineers are able to filter the wood chips out of the air stream before it gets vented out of the building.

The GPC has a compact and unique ground plate design that allows it to be placed where space is limited, while still maintaining a high reclamation level. Click the photo below to learn more about the GPC industrial dust collector and read about other places it has been used.

dust collection system
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