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Importance of Keeping Dust Collector Records | Aerodyne

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 31, 2019 8:30:00 AM


Common Problems of Keeping Dust Collector Records 

Dust collector records keepingA common problem that the dust collection industry faces is that once a dust collection system is installed, the records of the system are lost or forgotten.  Often times, the engineer who designed the system moves to another position or eventually retires and the details are not passed along to the next person. 

When an issue develops, the new engineer in charge of fixing the issue doesn’t know what the unit was originally designed for or many other important details.  Sometimes the equipment manufacturer has the specifications available, but it isn’t always easy to find.  So when people are called in to help solve the issue, the system has to be back engineered. 

This means, that additional time must be dedicated to figure out the original design.  And there is no guarantee that the back engineering will get to the same design.

More Issues of Keeping Dust Collector Records 

Another issue that develops is that changes are made to dust collection equipment and they aren’t documented.  So when an issue develops, the drawings are out of date.  Design changes can include adding or removing pickup points, changes in ductwork, fan and filters.  All of these can affect the actual performance of the system.  And if the updated system isn’t properly documented, the issues that develop can cause confusion when trying to solve it.

Dust Collector Records Keeping Solutions

Dust collector Records KeepingAerodyne suggests that you keep a file showing the system as it currently is designed.  This should include drawings, airflows, pressure drops, equipment specs, etc.  This file should be located so that it can be accessed by multiple people at the facility, that way if someone leaves, the information isn’t lost.

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Click below and watch our video to see how tough dust can cause operational and maintenance issues of the dust collection system.

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