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How to Prevent Hazards with Cartridge Collectors

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 13, 2015 6:37:00 AM


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A US facility that handles shot blast dust had recently experienced some dangerous events with its cartridge collector. The company’s collector had recently caught fire from the shot blast dust and it destroyed the filters completely. Needing to find a new and safer solution, the company turned to Aerodyne for assistance.

Aerodyne suggested the company use a GPC-54 with explosion vents located on it to prevent any further fires or damage to the process and facility. It will prevent any sparks from passing through to the cartridge collector, which will eliminate the hazardous potential. The GPC will provide 99% removal of 20 micron metal dust with a pressure drop around 3” W.C. (water column). The GPC dust collector is a compact high efficiency cyclone dust collector. It has several distinct advantages over common high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors. The spiral inlet of the GPC directs the dirty gas stream toward the ground plate and hopper of the collector. Coupled with the compact size of the collectors, this gives the GPC the ability to be installed horizontally with virtually no effect on the collection efficiency.

Aerodyne also suggested the company use an 8” H-Valve in the process as well, to better handle the material flow.



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