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GPC Eliminates Clogged Dust Collector Cartridges

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jan 21, 2014 4:38:19 AM

A US facility that manufactures PVC piping was having issues with its dust collector cartridges. For the final finish on the PVC piping, the facility grinds the surface down for a smooth exterior. This process creates a lot of dust and particulate. They use 13500 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) of airflow from the grinding apparatus to collect the dust from the system. The dirty air gets vented to the dust collector cartridges which get clogged up within 3 to 4 days. In order to remedy this situation, they plant operators have to turn the entire system off and operate without ventilation until new dust collector cartridges are put in or until the old cartridges are cleaned. This is both a time and money wasting process. Looking for a solution to the clogged dust collector cartridges, the company reached out to Aerodyne Environmental. After analyzing the manufacturing process and the space allotted at the facility, Aerodyne suggested the company use a GPC-66 in front of the dust collector cartridge filter at the plant.

dust collector catridges Click here for our free informational guide about the benefits of using a cyclone before a baghouse/cartridge collector.

The GPC is a compact, high-efficiency cyclonic dust collector. The unique “ground plate” design eliminates the need for a long, tapered cone as required by conventional cyclonic dust collectors. The compact size of this collector allows for installation in locations with low overhead clearances and reduces the need for tall maintenance scaffolding. The GPC Dust Collector is ideal for use as a pre-cleaner for baghouses and other filter-type dust collection equipment. Because the GPC has no moving parts or filters, it is easy to maintain and is well-suited to product recovery applications. The GPC will remove 99% of the particulate 20 micron or larger before it reaches the filter, which will help extend the filter life and decrease the usage of compressed air.

After installing the GPC, the facility has been able to increase product production and decrease time and money spent on fixing clogged dust collector cartridges. To find out how the GPC can improve your manufacturing process, click the photo below!

improves dust collector cartridges

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