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GatorGate Double Dump Valve Solves Major Problems for Midwest Tire Recycler

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 12, 2012 4:21:57 AM

Aerodyne’s GatorGate™ Double Dump Valve helped resolve an issue a Midwest tire recycler was having at their facility. The company was using a bag house system which was collecting airborne dust from the tire shredding operation. Small pieces of rubber, nylon, and steel were collected and discharged from the collector by a rotary airlock, which kept wearing out prematurely. In addition, the fibers from the tires would wrap around the rotors which caused further problems. Replacement and maintenance of these rotary valves was costly and time consuming. The decision was made to purchase the GatorGate Double Dump Valve. This valve is the most efficient and reliable double dump valve available for the discharge of chunky, fibrous, and abrasive materials from dust collection systems. The unique cam operated drive mechanism provides reliable service without the use of expensive and problematic pneumatic controls. As the motor driven cam rotates, it actuates the upper and lower flap gates in sequence, allowing material to discharge while ensuring minimal leakage. Quick removing inspection doors provide easy access to internal components for regular maintenance. The GatorGate Double Dump Valve is available in a variety of sizes and is a great alternative for applications not suited for rotary air lock valves. The tire recycling company was so pleased with the outcome that they decided to replace other rotary valves in their facility with the GatorGate Double Dump Valve.

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