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Free Video Highlights the Benefits of Trickle Valve Technology

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 11, 2011 10:21:08 AM

Sometimes reading about a material handling valve just isn’t enough to identify the right solution for your application. Especially in the case of a trickle valve, a simple animation can help you visualize its functionality and understand its benefits. As you watch our trickle valve demo (http://www.dustcollectorhq.com/vacu-valve-demo.html), notice that one of the best features of this vacuum-operated valve is how gravity works to collect the free-flowing material at the base of the dust collection system. The negative pressure of the system keeps the valve sleeve closed until the collected material builds up to the point of forcing the sleeve open and discharging the material from the hopper. Adjustable springs are located on the side of the sleeve to help overcome the negative pressure. The trickle valve then re-closes automatically. When the dust collection system is turned off, the remaining material will completely discharge from the hopper. A low-cost alternative to a rotary valve, a trickle valve operates without power/controls, requires no lubrication and involves little maintenance. Trickle valves provide continuous dispensing of dense, free-flowing and even abrasive materials such as rocks, wood chips, candy and cereal.

Aerodyne Environmental: Home of the Horizontal Cyclone and  Vacu-Valve® Airlock Valve

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At Aerodyne, we choose to take a different approach to collecting dust and handling materials. Our cyclones are unique in design to address common issues such as problematic dusts and space constraints. Our airlocks are chosen to fit your specific application instead of hastily installing traditional equipment options. We believe that when we see things differently, we can solve problems effectively. That's why so many people turn to us for help in solving their tough dust problems.

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