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Dust Collection System Solves Foundry Application Problems

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 27, 2014 7:24:31 AM

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A US ventilation fabricator recently reached out to Aerodyne about the issues it was having with its cartridge collector. The company uses a 7300 cartridge collector for its foundry application. The dust collection system was capturing too much sand because the velocity through the hood was far too high. Additionally, due to the abrasive nature of the sand, the company had to replace the cartridge filters more often than it would have liked. The plant operators needed something that would reduce the capture velocity and increase the cartridge life.

After an Aerodyne sales person went through the entire foundry application at this site, it was determined that a GPC-48 with an Armadillo Vacu-Valve attached would be the ideal solution for the company. The added pressure drop brought in by the GPC will decrease the level of captured velocity and will also capture most of the abrasive particulate from reaching the filters, which will help increase the filter life. Overhead space was limited at the facility, so a horizontal design of the GPC was created. With the already compact design, the horizontal model fit perfectly in the allotted space at the plant. The Armadillo Vacu-Valve will improve the control and flow of the collected foundry sand. The combination of the horizontal GPC and the low-maintenance Vacu-Valve improved the company's dust collection system immensely. The facility was able to reduce the velocity issue, increase filter life, and control the capture sand with ease.


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