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Dust Collection System Reclaims Lost Tea Dust

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 17, 2015 7:10:12 AM

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A tea processing facility was testing out a new dust collection system. The goal was to capture a specific portion of the tea dust that is usually lost in transport air, reclaim it, and market it. The design previously involved a standard cyclone that separates the tea from the transport air. At first, the company tried using a baghouse, but found that the bags filled up to quickly and the dust they were trying to capture got lost in the bags. Looking for a solution that would reclaim the tea particulate and require less maintenance than the baghouses, the company turned to Aerodyne.

Aerodyne suggested the facility use the S1500 SplitStream dust collector. The SplitStream will get around 99% dust removal of 10 micron and greater particulate. The secondary airflow will gently convey the tea dust out of the airstream where it can then be collected.

The Aerodyne SplitStream Dust Collector achieves high-efficiency by forcing dirty gases into a powerful centrifugal motion. The centrifugal action throws dust particulate out of the gas stream. A secondary air stream carries the dust particulate to the hopper, keeping dust away from the collector walls and reducing sticking and abrasion. As a result, the SplitStream virtually eliminates maintenance problems common to other types of cyclones. The prevention of particulate contact with external walls is a major factor in the unit’s ability to achieve high efficiency ratings. Since the SpiltStream does not use bags or filter cartridges, the collected product is easily returned to the process for reuse or sent out for disposal.

SplitStream Dust Collector

The SplitStream dust collector has a unique design that allows it to handle tough dusts that most dust collectors cannot process. It has vertical and horizontal configurations that allow it to better fit into any system set up, and can be used as a standalone or as a pre-filter for an existing system.

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