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Dust Collection System Helps Keep Spa Manufacturer Dust Free

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 3, 2013 10:39:41 AM

A US facility that manufactures FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) tanks for water pools and spas was looking to restructure its plant set up and seeking a new dust collection system. Initially, the entire warehouse was filtered through one baghouse/filtration system. The plant operators wanted to section off the room where holes were drilled in the tanks and have its own dust collection system to collect the particulate created. Plant managers set out to find a dust collection system that would not only efficiently collect the dust after the tanks had been drilled, but also one that utilized as little space as possible. After finding Aerodyne Environmental’s website, the plant managers reached out to Aerodyne’s Dan Navicky for suggestions on a dust collection system that would best suit its manufacturing process. After further inspection of the actual process and space provided it was suggested that the facility use a vertical GPC-24 with a GatorGate Double Dump Valve. The GPC is a high-efficiency ground plate cyclonic dust collector. The compact size of the GPC allows it to be placed where space is limited, making it a perfect fit for this facility. The double dump will provide an extra barrier of filtration in the dust reclamation process. When the holes are drilled in the tanks, some larger pieces of debris become present. The double dump will help filter those larger chunks of FRP out of the process before reaching the GPC. After installing the GPC and GatorGate at the company’s warehouse, plant operators claim they are extremely pleased with the performance of the two products and that the manufacturing process of the FRP tanks is now operating more efficiently at the facility.


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