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Dust Collection System Checklist - Part 1

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 5, 2010 11:16:18 AM

Once a dust collector has been sized for an application there are still a number of things to address before and after installation in order to make sure this important piece of process equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Whether you are installing a baghouse, cartridge filter, cyclone, or any combination of these types of dust collectors, taking a close look at some critical areas in advance can save a lot of time, money, and headache down the road. Here are two basic areas to check to make sure the installation and operation of your dust collection system runs smoothly.


  • Check the overall dimensions of the selected dust collector to make sure it will fit in the desired location.
  • Be sure to account for clearances necessary for bracing, fans, discharge valves, collection containers, ductwork, and other controls that will be installed along with the dust collector.
  • Make sure adequate space is left for personnel to perform routine maintenance and inspections on the dust collection system.

Discharge Airlock Valve

  • Get the right valve for the job. The valve you use to empty your dust collector will play a large role in how efficiently your system runs. Be sure the valve selected is capable of handling the type of dust you are collecting.
  • Make sure the valve is capable of providing a proper airlock for your dust collection system to avoid major pressure drops.
  • Look for signs of wear that can cause the valve to leak. Check for leaks around flanges and shafts of rotary airlock valves.
  • Consider a non-powered automatic valve for power and maintenance savings compared to rotary valves.

While some of these suggestions may seem obvious, if ignored they can bring undue cost and grief to a dust collection project.

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