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Industrial Dust Collection Equipment Promotes Safety at Glass Plants

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 31, 2011 8:36:45 AM

By installing high-performance industrial dust collection equipment in your glass processing plant, you can safely collect and remove glass dust—providing valuable protection for both your personnel and machinery. Processing glass through sanding, grinding or cutting produces dust particles that can create multiple hazards. Fine glass particles that settle on equipment surfaces and moving parts may cause erosion over time. Unprotected personnel may inhale airborne glass dust and develop severe health problems resulting from long-term exposure. Durable dust collection equipment, such as the SplitStream Dust Collector, can be used to effectively filter a variety of particles including fine, granular glass dust. At glass processing plants, dust collection equipment should be installed in key locations such as near large furnaces to safely control glass dust found within the exit gases. The SplitStream’s unique design is ideal for handling glass dust because very little abrasive material contacts the interior walls of the collector, enabling reliable, efficient dust collection throughout its operating life.

Aerodyne Environmental: Home of the Horizontal Cyclone and  Vacu-Valve® Airlock Valve

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At Aerodyne, we choose to take a different approach to collecting dust and handling materials. Our cyclones are unique in design to address common issues such as problematic dusts and space constraints. Our airlocks are chosen to fit your specific application instead of hastily installing traditional equipment options. We believe that when we see things differently, we can solve problems effectively. That's why so many people turn to us for help in solving their tough dust problems.

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