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Do Cyclones Replace Dust Collectors (Baghouses, Wet Scrubbers)?

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jul 24, 2020 9:14:12 AM

In most applications, cyclones do NOT replace baghouses, cartridge collectors, wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, etc. Modern air pollution regulations require dust collectors to provide greater removal efficiencies in the PM2 and PM10 than most cyclones can provide.Aerodyne July 2020 Blog#1

How Cyclones work?

Cyclones collect dust by having the contaminated air enter (usually on a tangent) and spin around the cyclones walls until they get to the bottom. The air then reverses and spins up the middle of the vessel and leaves from the top, while the dust falls into the hopper.

The centrifugal forces on the particles and droplets, force them out towards the walls and away from the air exiting the center of the vessel. Cyclones provide high removal of the larger, heavier dust particles and moisture droplets.

The Benefits of Cyclones

Cyclones remove very high percentages of the larger, heavier particles. This means they often remove as much as 80%-95% of the total particles. However the removal efficiency of the smaller, lighter dust isn’t very high. The PM2 and PM 10 particulate will often get through the cyclone in high enough concentrations that the system won’t comply with state, local, and federal standards.

When installed in front of a dust collector (baghouse, cartridge collector, etc.) as a pre-filter, they significantly reduce the loading on the primary dust collector. This helps extend the operational life of the dust collector, increase removal efficiency, and decrease maintenance. Cyclones are often used to lower the loading on a dust collector (baghouse, cartridge collector, wet scrubber). The cyclone removes the large material, allowing the dust collector to get the high removal efficiency on the PM 2 and PM 10 particulate.

Aerodyne GPC Cyclone Dust Collector

View the animation of the GPC Industrial Dust Collector to see the compact, high efficiency cyclonic design. Unlike typical cyclonic dust collectors, the GPC Industrial Dust Collector uses a ground plate to force vortex reversal in a much shorter space, eliminating the need for a long, tapered body.

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