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Coffee Roaster’s Damaged Dust Collection Equipment Replaced with GPC

Posted by Tom Hobson on Dec 17, 2013 4:28:06 AM

A coffee supplier in MN was looking to improve its dust collection equipment for its roasting process after some of its equipment was damaged in a fire. At this roaster’s facility, coffee is roasted in a rotary drum where hot air is passed over the beans. During the roasting process, the outer layer of organic material called chaff is burned off. Some of the chaff is then vented out of the roaster drum along with the hot air. Without having a pre-filter, the ESP (electrostatic precipitator) would clog up quite rapidly, requiring excessive cleaning and maintenance. Searching for a better solution, the roaster chose to install a 700 CFM GPC Dust Collector from Aerodyne.

The GPC is a compact, high-efficiency cyclonic dust collector. The unique “ground plate” design eliminates the need for a long, tapered cone as required by conventional cyclonic dust collectors. The compact size of this collector allows for installation in locations with low overhead clearances and reduces the need for tall maintenance scaffolding. The GPC Dust Collector is ideal for use as a pre-cleaner for baghouses and other filter-type dust collection equipment. Because the GPC has no moving parts or filters, it is easy to maintain and is well-suited to product recovery applications.

With the installation of the GPC Dust Collector, the roaster’s chaff disposal process became far more manageable. Because of its compact size, the GPC easily fit into the limited space allotted for the roasting operation. Placed before the ESP, the GPC is able to capture all but the finest of particulate, greatly reducing the amount of slurry waste. The dry chaff material collected by the GPC is easily disposed of.


GPC dust collector

To learn more about how the GPC can help your dust collection needs, click the photo.


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