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Baghouse Woes Cured with GPC

Posted by Tom Hobson on Nov 19, 2014 5:51:34 AM

Fix baghouse problems Click here for our free informational guide about the benefits of using a cyclone before a baghouse/cartridge collector.

Companies that utilize baghouse or cartridge filters are familiar with the costly headaches that these machines produce. A US packaging facility that recently came to Aerodyne for help was no exception. The facility uses baghouse collectors to remove granular carbon from an air stream. The smallest particulate is 10 microns and the average particle size is 44 microns, and 87% of the dust particulate is over 20 microns. The company was facing the usual pitfalls of using baghouses; too much down time for filter replacement and too much money lost on repairs and halted production. Aerodyne suggested the company place a GPC-96 with a 10” H-valve and an 8” Water Column.

The GPC dust collector is a compact high efficiency cyclone dust collector. It has several distinct advantages over common high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors. The spiral inlet of the GPC directs the dirty gas stream toward the ground plate and hopper of the collector. Coupled with the compact size of the collectors, this gives the GPC the ability to be installed horizontally with virtually no effect on the collection efficiency. The GPC will provide a 97% removal efficiency of the granular carbon dust, thereby decreasing the dust loading in to the baghouse by 55lbs and hour.

Using the cyclone as a pre-filter will remove most of the larger dust, which will allow the baghouse to provide an increase removal of the finer dust particles. With the newly decreased amount of dust loading in to the baghouse since adding the GPC, the baghouse filters themselves will have an elongated lifespan.

To find out how the GPC can improve your industrial process, click the photo below!


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