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4 Potential Dangers to Collectors! How Cyclone Pre-Filters Can Help!

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jan 16, 2017 10:49:13 AM

With government regulations tightening on solid emissions, baghouses and cartridge collectors have become status quo in the past 40 years.  The fabric filters (bags or cartridges) remove dust below 1 micron in size.  The high removal efficiency of the filters, have been considered best available removal technology.  This means most processes requiring dust collectors will use a baghouse or cartridge collector.  However, not all processes work well with baghouses and dust collectors.Pre-Filter.jpg

Baghouses and cartridge collectors use fabric filters to separate particulates from the airstream.   Since fabrics are used, they can have some operational issues in certain processes.

  • High dust loading can plug up the filters.
  • Abrasive, sticky and wet dust can plug up the filters.
  • High temperature or sparks can degrade the filter or cause them to burn.
  • Low temperatures in high humidity airstreams can cause operational issues.
  • Cleaning of the filters will cause holes to develop over time.
  • Changing of filters can be a costly and time consuming process.
  • Dusts collected in the filter could be contaminated or be lost for particulate that is being recovered and reused.

Using a cyclone pre-filter can help the operation of a baghouse or cartridge collector with all of these challenges.

The cyclone removes a portion of the particulate before it reaches the filters.  The lower particulate concentration will

  • Cause less dust to come in contact with the filter, thereby requiring less cleaning.
  • Decrease the amount of abrasive, sticky, and wet particulates contacting the filters.
  • The air temperature can be increased or lowered (as required) by adding a secondary airflow.
  • Less dust concentration means less cleaning and longer filter life.
  • Longer filter life means that filters will not require changing as often, thereby saving time and money.
  • Particles collected in the cyclone pre-filter will not be contaminated and can be recovered and reused in the process or used in another process.

To find out more about the 4 potential Dangers to the Collectors, please click below:

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